DJ'S: Dj Dunya 18u00 - 01u00

Dance work shop led by Dansschool Rose De Leyn:

Swing : 18u30 – 19u00

Boogie: 19u30 – 20u00

Mambo: 20u30 – 21u00

Dance work shop led by Dansschool Ramon:

Jive / Rock & Roll : 21u30 – 22u00

Wals: 22u30 – 23u00

Cha Cha: 23u30 – 00u00

The 'ball popular' of Benenwerk with many dance work shops and DJ DUNYA. Only the real number 1 hits from the period '50-'99 and the corresponding dance moves will be presented here. From swing to whatever. Do you feel a bit out of shape during the evening? No problem! Under the glittering garlands of the 'BAL DES AMIS' there is also room for the slower stuff. Or unwind in good company by our twinkling braziers or at one of the drinks and food trucks. ‘Bal Des Amis' ... where old and new friends meet on and off the dance floor!