DJ'S: FAISAL 00u30 - 02u00

MOVULANGO (dj-set)23u00 - 00u30

SANNE DE MUYNCK 21u00 - 23u00

JON SLO, JULIOJULIO, SANNE DE MUYNCK: the assembled Clubsteppin Residents, are taking a head start with rattling subs and infectious rhythms. From dubstep over breaks, to UK garage and house.

Brussels-based OJOO GYAL follows up with her eclectic mix of styles, tempo and sounds. In a whirlwind of rhythms, she switches from old school dancehall to the most futuristic mutations, combining elements of dub, reggaeton, grime and breakbeats.

With his genre-bending sets, technical skills and sensitive ear for absolute bangers, FAISAL is burning every party and festival down. Creativity, defying stereotypes and the will to think ahead every time, combined with a healthy party mentality make him one of our most requested DJs.